Research Interests

The current research interests that Tia is involved in include three key areas that are broadly linked and over-arched by relationships within Māori etc.

1. Indigenous and Developmental Psychology – This research interest involves the link between culturally, longitudinal and responsive learning environments for whānau lifespan development. This work identifies culturally relevant strengths for Māori children’s school readiness, transition to high school, university, the workplace through to roles of kaumātuatanga.

2. Whānau based Autobiographical Memory– This research focuses on autobiographical memory that involves reminiscing strategies (between adult-child) that link to the child’s personal development. For example, linking past events from whānau to their child’s self-and collective construal, moral memory, identity formation, learning and psychological well-being.

3. Māori Paediatric Health – This research area of interest began in 2002. It encompasses a longitudinal neurological-developmental programme on whānau and the developmental outcomes on infants. Tia is part of this team as a Pukenga, a Cultural Consultant in the existing programme led by Dr Jacki Henderson from the University of Canterbury.

To complement this work, Tia will be doing future research with whānau and their children in the area of healthy lifestyles around kai and its cultural implications.